Saturday, September 15, 2012

Red Light, Green Light

Green light - no one's watching - move. Red light - they're watching - stay.

Don't let them catch you changing. 

The other day as I rolled toward the wheel, the XM dial was turned to "the Wave". The eerie and somewhat creepy Robert Hazard and the Heroes tune "Escalator of Life" ran between the ears. I wondered...why not "the elevator"?

Are we only going in one direction? Does "up" symbolize our sisyphean existence? Keeping up with the Jeffersons? Or the climb toward a greater reward? And what about "down"? Seems like it always gets a bad rap.

Ugh. That's one song that was better without the video. But I was captive in my car, with a clearly unfocused mind, and there IS that haunting chorus...

There was a similar experience the night before, as the "X Factor" aired in the background of my book. I find the human nature aspect of these shows most interesting, when they start to follow a person during the day and you start to wonder how the audition will play out. Because it seems like you can never tell, and the miserable failures are often as entertaining as the successes, which is yet another disappointing aspect of human nature.

I was distracted by the audition of one Ms. Jennel Garcia, as she readied herself for the big moment. Chanting over and over "Life starts right now", she is getting psyched for her big moment, but for some reason I had the feeling it wasn't going to work out. And then.

She nailed it! The audition was nothing short of awesome, but the whole segment had the same effect on me as last season's Chris Rene audition. And that haunting chorus...

And I thought to myself....
Why don't we ALL chant that EVERY MOMENT of EVERY DAY?
After all, it helps you remember - Life starts right now!

Hey! Are you honking at me?
Oops. Green Light.