Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Three Hour Tour

Yesterday was charter fishing trip day. Although there were not too many fish biting the boat ride was good, the company great, and the diversity of creatures was exceptional. Flounders, Skates, Croakers, a small sand shark and a starfish were all brought aboard to delight the intrepid fishermen. We cast our lines behind the boat with great hope and a reasonable amount of patience. The weighted hooks dragged along the bottom structure and occasionally teased out a nibble or two. We would float and bob along with the waves and test the line to be sure we were still in the game.

We were adrift in the Sea of Time. A vast membrane without boundary, rippling with peaks and valleys yet continuous even when disturbed. Sometimes anchored, sometimes leaving a broad wake, but always moving even when one seems to be relatively stationary. Garbage and treasure are both afloat and below. One must navigate carefully to find safe harbor.

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