Tuesday, May 3, 2011


In American Pie, Don McLean sang of the Day the Music Died. I was only about 3 months old at the time, so I don't remember that day. But I have seen (and own a copy of) The Buddy Holly Story. And Gary Busey rocked it - and in return was nominated for an Academy Award. I can't say if it was credible, but he is Buddy Holly to me. And if only a small percentage of the tale is true, Buddy Holly was one of the few handfuls of people with a gift, a vision and drive. A sad day indeed.

I particularly noted the night he got punched out right before he went on stage. Because the show must go on, he inserted 2 Chiclets where his front teeth used to be. So what happened to Gary after that?

There were other sad days I do remember. JFK being shot. MLK being shot. John Lennon being shot. I see a trend there. Maybe that's why I never picked up one of my Dad's favorite pastimes - gunsmithing - but I don't think that's really it. Challenger. 9/11. I don't tend to dwell on such days. But worse than all those days was the last strip of Calvin and Hobbes.

For only through Calvin and Hobbes could one Transmogrify.

Or so I thought. It turns out you can do it "right in the comfort of your very own home". And it's happening all the time. It might start with a double-dog dare. Or a desire to be "grown-up". Or maybe to somehow have freedom from responsibility - to take a holiday. There were daring adventures to be had for sure. For the price of admission. And then. Before you know it, you can't get out of the box you put yourself in.

Or maybe you end up in a real box. Like the one I learned my brother is now living out of. Or worse. And Oh My Brothers, it is real. For Gary, a lot of bizarre personal episodes, and not wearing a helmet didn't help.

Gary - After Transmogrification. A long way from Buddy Holly.

For it is said that once a cucumber turns into a pickle, it can't go back to being a cucumber. And the same is true of people to an extent. But I like to think that some pickles can continue to evolve - with effort. And without effort, you'll be way past warranty in no time. OK, so the Celebrity Apprentice may not qualify, but it's a start. Keep working it Gary, I'm pulling for you.


  1. great post you alway write such interesting things

  2. @becca: Thanks for stopping by as always. I hope they keep you coming back.