Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Groundhog Day #23

As an adult, I never really liked running that much. In my mind I remember running effortlessly as a child, at full speed, not getting winded. I kind of hoped I could experience that again. At times I have been able to achieve it, but only for about 50 yards.

In the dream I glide along the path
I feel my stride and begin to soar

Beneath the trees, below the wires
Between the poles, beside the spires

I plot my course in a compound curve
That ends at the stands

The more I plot and adjust my flight
The less I soar, to finish, a fight

To stay aloft I must only See
Neither process or possess, but just to be.

And when I've finished, panting and pale
My son looks up to smile, and endure the tale

For he had finished long before
And some time ago had learned to soar

~ Happy 23rd Birthday, Max ~
(P.S. - Princess Stefani observed it is technically GHD #24)

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