Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Big Blur

Out in the garden...the march of the Grape Hyacinths has begun. They will stand guard over the toadies and the sidewalk for a week or two, and then recede to gather strength for next season.

For spring has come once again to Northern Virginia.

The forsythia, daffodils and Mrs. Incredible's cherry tree have all joined in. Mary the redbud is beginning to show her bright clumps of purple blooms on every branch. We must pay attention, for the transient blooms will help us appreciate the fleeting moments.

Yet seek clarity as we might, we cannot help but see the world through our own personal lenses. Those lenses that started at "I Am Born" and have been finely ground by all that we have lived and learned, to the point that we are convinced we see more clearly than most.

But have you ever noticed how your rear-view lenses seem to work better? How is it that we can look back at our actions, and ask "What the hell was I thinking?" To say nothing of haircuts. What makes you think you aren't living in one of those moments right now?

Clean your lenses and live in the moment. See life as it unfolds before you. For when the time comes to look back over it all, you won't want it to be just a big blur.

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