Friday, August 31, 2012

Das Walross lebt

Standing in line at the bank.
He notices her. His mind begins to wander...

He left Germany, and set sail for South America
He taught himself Portuguese when his Uncle thought he couldn't

He set sail for New York

He built a home in New Jersey
He sold his sailboat in exchange for freedom. Twice.

He had been living alone long enough. Too long maybe.

He had invented Old Spice.

Authentic Limited Edition Autographed Bottle of Old Spice
The sea called.
And he asked her out.

Change was hard
For he was set in his ways.

But she came with a crew.
At times it was like pulling teeth.
He refused anasthetics.

And he refused gifts that weren't perishable.
And he refused to share his gravy recipe.

The crew realized that inside the hard but sweet shell of the Pop-pop 
Was a soft and chewy center. And he had taken a few licks.

The sea called.
And he loved to sail.

Heinz Eiermann

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