Sunday, January 20, 2013


In the dream I awake to be cruising above the earth at a speed something like that of a traffic report. I have a vague awareness that I am out west. The town is Anywhere. Altitude is steady. There is a curious glow akin to fog lights illuminating the ground below. It moves with me.

Suddenly my perspective has changed. I am standing on the street below.
The air is clean and fresh and I am squinting to observe a volcanic, molten meatball of a meteor suspended in the sky above.

In an instant there is a thunder clap and time has resumed its normal pace. The meteor throws itself over the horizon.

I am left to watch the contrails dissipate, being at once first and third person.
Human Torch, Flash and Meatball.

I awake with a start and grab my watch to see what time it is.

Whew. Same as always. Now.

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