Saturday, June 19, 2010

Defining what IS is

Sometimes when I'm lucky, I have dreams where I can either fly or breathe underwater. I think I owe the latter to scuba lessons, but I'm not sure where the former comes from. There's nothing like soaring through the air or water, effortlessly looking over the landscape from a vantage point not usually your own. And the freedom.

These dreams can be very lucid. Enjoying the ride, I suddenly experience the desire to fly higher or faster, and just with that I lose the ability. I can't understand it. I guess a lot of dreams are that way when you wake up. So is life. It seems like a very coherent experience, a beautiful thing when experienced as a whole, but when examined closely there are all sorts of loose ends that don't tie it together.

And when you try to define what IS is, it's too late. It was. See what is. Don't spend too much time defining or you might find yourself unable to fly.

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