Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Days are Just Packed

Thanks to my Sister-in-Law Valerie (who has one of the youngest hearts I know) I have copy of the Calvin & Hobbes compilation that shares the title of this post. I truly love this pair of characters and was saddened when they stopped appearing on my Sunday Morning comic page. But so it is with all things, yet further testament to the notion of enjoying life while you are in it.

Speaking of which there is a veritable highlight reel swirling around every day, and the last few days have just been,,,well, packed. To start with, both of my college student children (Max and Stefani) returned home for the holiday on Wednesday afternoon. We played Sporcl together and were later joined by Kelsey, Cullen and Houser for the traditional festivities:

We opened with a 5k run benefitting the Loudoun County Abused Womens Shelter. We all got to wear pink gloves courtesy of my wife the ringleader.  Max won; Cullen's chip didn't register his awesome time; I managed to improve despite several bouts of walking; Miss B zoned on the ipod until the finish line came; Stefani gritted her teeth through the pain of an ankle brace; Kelsey did the same despite bone chips in her dislocated knee and Houser flashing us at the finish line - all captured by the family photographer, cheering section and ringleader.

After the race we savored the resplendent Cougar Gold cheese, sent across the country from the University of Washington. I also learned that Santa is always the last float of the Thanksgiving Day parade, thus signifying the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

We tossed the Pigskin. We enjoyed an excellent meal with more family and friends. We played Catch Phrase. We walked off the meal only so we could tamp more in.

Friday brought the trip to Randytown - 2 cars full of Christmas music, elf hats and reindeer antlers. Actually it was Lovettsville for tree hunting, nature walk, and photo-ops with lifesize cartoon characters. Although we followed the tradition of missing a turn, we were rewarded with an eagle sighting.

In the evening my movie buddy Stefani and I took in Harry Potter. Upon return home, more friends had arrived. A music video had been published and it was time for more games. I settled in to a book and some apple pie, having passed down a game that was "a symbol of a misspent youth" as my father used to say.

So we all have so much to be thankful for. The days are just packed.

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  1. i want to see Harry Potter just haven't found the time yet