Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tread Lightly

The other day I took a moment to read Mr. Frost's The Road Not Taken

It reminded me of the impacts of the choices we make. How we choose our paths so cavalierly, not knowing what lies at trail's end, yet are forever changed by the paths we take. How we can be divided within, or become but half a traveler should we attempt to take both paths at once. How difficult it can be to make your way back. And as way leads to way, are you still even choosing? Were you ever?

Within sight of trail's end - one can still turn back. And choose another way.
There will be more choices, but you will need to make the right ones.

There are great risks in traveling the lesser paths - not the least of which is becoming lost. Ask Mr. Kurtz sometime. If you are fortunate you may find your way back, and hopefully be welcomed. But beware - for the lesser paths became a part of you.  The undergrowth fills in slowly. It is quickly cleared and you already know where the path leads.

"Looks like the woods are burning. Maybe we should turn around."


  1. This is a fantastic post, sir. Decisions, decisions... making choices is one of my favorite topics, and one so inherently weighty for humanity. I feel compelled to contribute one of my favorite Rush quotes - "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." There are are no inconsequential decisions, so never step on that path lightly. Be aware of what you do. A default choice is still a choice and its consequences (good or bad) are still your responsibilty. Thank you for this.

  2. great post and very thought provoking

  3. @ Firespark: You know, I thought of rolling that quote in there at the time. And a better point about treading lightly. Thanks - it's a jungle out there.

    @ Becca: Glad liked it. That's why I can't do two shows a night anymore. hahaha

  4. That is my favorite poem of all time. I'd rather choose a path--right or wrong--than to choose nothing and remain idle. Indecision, to me, is worse than make a wrong/bad decision.

  5. @ Mizzbrizz: It is a favorite of mine too, that I have come to appreciate more as time passes. Thanks for your comment and visit.

  6. Just though you would like to know you have won an award.....Go See....