Friday, January 14, 2011

Victory Garden

The chill of winter is now firmly entrenched in Northern Virginia. The air is crisp and clean; the days short but each one perceptibly longer. The trees show their structure and the forests sleep, awaiting the spring. And with the spring comes new life. It starts in the garden.

And with the stunning new growth, come the weeds. Insidious and ingenious in their method. At first, attractive - with blooms and foliage that one believes actually complement the garden. What's the harm? There aren't many. They are colorful. They aren't causing any problem. But ho.

Soon you discover what you thought might have been a flower IS in fact a weed. An undesireable. You decide to do some clean up, but discover the structure of the weed. It breaks off at the surface but its roots remain. You look around and discover many others have come to the party. Dandelions. Lantana. Ragwort. They've spread all over. You perform some diligent maintenance as you see they will overcome your garden unchecked. And that's the key. Diligence. Determination. Getting help when necessary. You have to dig deep. You don't give up.

Consciously or otherwise, you're cultivating. And in the end, with your garden free of the undesireables to the best of your ability, you will have achieved Victory.

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  1. We did very little on the garden last year despite us having a very small plot so I am not looking forward to having to get on top of it this year.

    Happy De-lurking day for yesterday.