Sunday, February 20, 2011

Melancholy Meat Puppets

Welcome to another installment of

The prompt for today's episode was to write a post about depression or something that has inspired you from a recent book.
I chose to write a generally non-fiction post from the perspective of a character in A Clockwork Orange because it seemed to fit.
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Gettin' on in the lower east side was gen'rally all very horrorshow. Me ole man always told me how the beast was known to lurk on me Mum's side. No cause to worry o'course as I was pretty much Beige folk and a shiny happy one at that. Still, be wide he said.

Grandpa was apparently quite the manic and I viddy'd more than a touch in me own Uncle. Later come to find out me first cousin had a real horrorshow of a Black dog stayed with us one summer till she fell off a cliff and everyone felt real bad about that. 

'Bout that time me brother was on the doss spendin a lot of time in the land and me parents got to circlin' the drain. Never got to any tolchoks but off to therp he did go despite havin a full shilling. Dropped out of PS and commenced his spin. That's when the beast showed itself in me Mum. Course he had 'is share of run-ins with the millicents and has domiciles in the local Staja today.

Your humble narrator began to act the maggot himself and frequent the Milk-Plus mestos tryin to viddy what it was all about. Fore I knew it O my brothers I dint need no crew and there was a lot of suckin' diesel and more than a few trips to the land. All the time thinkin I'm twistin' hay and not wantin to be the sap it took some 30 years of watchin me own red flow till I did viddy the damage to me and my crew. 

I was up to ninety with me mum and ole man passed, the brother in Staja, and the pressures of the world around us. Gobsmacked I was able to keep the aul' doll at all and it took more than a good puck to get the ole napper headed straight again. Shattered and shagged of it all, your humble narrator counts himself grateful never to have heard the beast O my brothers, but be wide I shall like me ole man said.


Just a quick note on depression. It's not funny. We all have our ups and downs, but depression can occur when you've swung a little too far for whatever reason. External factors can certainly contribute. But being depressed is not a choice we make. A chemical imbalance occurs in the brain and it is rarely self-correcting. And like a badly sprained ankle if you've suffered it once it is more likely to occur again, only worse.

It's also nothing to be ashamed of. So do something about it. If you think you suffer from depression, ask for help until you get it. There are more suffering from it than most people think and there's a lot of support out there.


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