Thursday, October 28, 2010

Autumn Glory

"Lord, how the day passes!  It is like a life, so quickly when we don't watch it, and so slowly if we do."-- John Steinbeck.

In the fall the air is crisp and the leaves reveal their fantastic hidden glory. As I run down the lane one tree above all others seems the most fabulous, only to be outdone the following day by its neighbor. I'd like to freeze each one in time, at its peak color but that's beyond my control. And perhaps that is why we love them more, for we know their beautiful display is temporary and must be appreciated in its own time.

The trees are not in competition, and the display is not for our benefit. They are simply part of the glorious world, and so are we. Live life with purpose and remember the timing of your display is not in your control.

I owe my awareness of the above quote to Rob Sagar, a gifted and admirable young man who was taken from us all too quickly. I dedicate this posting to Rob, his compassion, courage and achievements.

The watercolor is Autumn Lane by Ronald Pratt (and if you'd like to upgrade your reading experience, visit Kristine at Wait In The Van, who inspired me to participate in a Product of Silence.)

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