Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anger Management

instant karma's gonna get you

Hit the link above to hear John Lennon tell it like it is.
I used to be full of instant karma. It would pop up in the usual places - traffic, the grocery line, or even the time I was trying to observe this owl at dusk along a gravel road. Along comes someone riding a minibike. The owl takes off, and the minibike obliviously goes down the trail. So what do I do? Go into the woods and find the biggest log I can drag, and put it in the middle of the trail. At dusk. Nice. Yup, there's nothing like the sound of an abruptly halted minibike in the distance.
Sadly this is but one example of many less-than-proud moments in my past. For most of this "Mayhem" there are no amends possible. So I try to keep a lid on it. 
Unfortunately the other day I really got pissed off for the first time in about 7 months. Even though I was able to laugh at myself after an hour it took me until the next day to really get over it. Take it from John Lennon - Instant karma will kill you. So next time, take a deep breath. Step back from the situation and see the world whole. Play the tape all the way to the end.
And Yoko! Put that stupid blindfold back where you found it for chrissake! What are you trying to do, show everyone you can knit blindfolded? And you kids! Get off the damn shed!

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