Monday, September 27, 2010

Choices We Make

One of my favorite characters in Seinfeld is George Costanza. Neurotic, insightful, a good foil and friend. Typically able to look at the issues of the day from his own perspective, and always able to put an unforeseen twist into the way you look at things.

In a classic episode, he decides that everything he's done in life to that point has got him to where he is. Not particularly insightful, but from there he decides to do the OPPOSITE of everything he would normally do and his life takes off in a series of unimaginable successes. Yet when we find ourselves in that situation, how often we cling to our comfortable, self-willed way of doing things.

Take for example the family football pool this week. Oh, I clearly saw the outcome of every game, boldly picked the winners and sat back waiting for the glorious accolades of my omniscience. Imagine my dismay when only 3 out of 15 turned out right. Ah, if only I would have done what George would have done. Or the opposite.Sometimes your own best intentions leave you not where you wanted to be, but always where you are.

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