Sunday, September 19, 2010

Falling Down

New Pedals
Yesterday it was time to man up and install my clipless bike pedals. I'd been putting it off because I'd been told at first you always get your foot stuck when you need to get off, and fall right over. So of course, as advised, I practiced the night before while leaning against the wall. It seemed pretty easy.
And then.
As we stopped at a crossing, I anticipate the need to click out. Strangely, now I want to rotate my foot the other way. Then the right way. Then foot not coming out. Panic. Foot comes out, but leaning on opposite side and not moving. The result? I fell right over. At least I had the sense to roll and just take it on my back. Bridget said it was "gracefully done". I wasn't so sure.

It is said life isn't about falling down. It's about getting back up.  Don't be afraid to try new things or of falling down. And no matter how hard or how far you've fallen, pull yourself up by the bootstraps, rub some dirt on it, laugh at yourself and move on. Subsequent attempts to click out went without a hitch, and the ride is much better with clipless than without.

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